Super Game Boy Palette Creator


The Super Game Boy has 32 pre-made color palettes and allows for users to create their own palettes. These palettes can be saved and shared with a 12-digit number in the format of XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. Thanks to an existing guide by Alice Kojiro, the 12-digit code can be broken down into RGB colors for each layer.

This tool aims to allow users to pick colors for each layer, and have a Super Game Boy color code produced using the closest available colors that the Super Game Boy supports. Conversely, a Super Game Boy color code can be supplied and the corresponding layer colors displayed.

Palette Creator


Layer 1:

Layer 2:

Layer 3:

Layer 4:

SGB Code:

Source Code

Did you know there are 53,654,497,280 unique palettes? If you have a custom palette you'd like to share, which may get added to a preset option, submit it here.

Source code for this tool is available on GitHub.