Invite the bot to your Discord server.

This bot has been retired. The source code will remain for anyone who wishes to be inspired to continue it.

What It Does

It sends information on recently verified speedruns for any game or runner (on that you pick.

Screenshot of embed

It can also DM you recent submissions for any game.

Setting Up Verified Runs

  1. Invite RUN GET to your server
  2. Make sure it can read messages and send embeds
  3. Have the server owner send a message like @RUN GET #any-text-channel game

Screenshot of setup


Setting Up Submitted Runs

  1. Be in a server with RUN GET and start a DM
  2. Send a direct message like @RUN GET game


Running the Bot Yourself

You will need Node.js (nvm is recommended) and yarn. Clone the repository, run yarn install, add your Discord API token to config.js, then node index.js to start the bot.


Submit an issue on GitHub. If the bot is down for an extended time, reach out to dad infinitum on Twitter.

Want to be able to look up speedrunning world records and personal bests in your Discord server? Maybe get a list of categories or category rules? Check out srcom-bot.


23 December 2020 - Querying multiple pages at once due to SRC API caching.

1 August 2020 - Multiple sub-categories are now read properly.

31 July 2020 - Updated naming of per-level runs.

28 July 2020 - Bot can now watch for verified runs from specific runners.

25 July 2020 - Bot can now DM newly submitted runs.

17 July 2020 - Runs now have a leaderboard rank in the embed.

13 July 2020 - Added ?rungetgames command. Adding multiple games doesn’t short circuit if there’s a duplicate.

12 July 2020 - Initial release.

Special Thanks

Shout out to the Mobile Speedrunning Discord for assisting me in testing the bot and suggesting new features.